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The trigger – this is the root cause that encourages viewers to take a targeted action. This term is used not only in video marketing, but also in medicine, politics, advertising, and psychology. In the context of video production, triggers are used as "triggers" that push the audience to the desired action.

In the broadest sense these triggers can be divided into visual, auditory, and semantic ones. Visual ones affect vision, auditory ones affect hearing, and semantic ones cause a reaction through verbal influence. All of them affect the perception of information by a person and contribute to the launch of instinctive behavior or refer to the past the experience of the audience, which has an impact on them in the present.

The most popular and effective triggers

Let's take a look at the main triggers that you can use in your videos.


Since safety is one of the basic needs of a person, feelings of fear and alarms can be used effectively in a video clip. This can be concern for your health and the health of loved ones, fear of loneliness, fear of looking ridiculous, or anxiety about losing money.

This trigger works flawlessly, but you should not abuse it. People don't like bullying, so with fear you need to work subtly and delicately. This incentive is very popular in social advertising.

The herd instinct

This trigger is based on a person's desire to be as good as others. To push this lever, you need to show that your products and services are used by the majority. Then the audience does too there will be a need to be among your customers.

This incentive also works as a factor that increases confidence in the company. When the audience sees a large base of satisfied customers, they lose their fears and doubts about the results. In other words, a trigger based on herd instinct has a two-way effect. impact on the audience.


To the same extent that a person wants to be as good as others, they also want to stand out from the crowd. In video marketing, this can be played out due to the exclusivity of products and services or a personal approach to each client. This trigger is successfully used companies operating in the premium segment.


The desire to save money and get the best deal is natural for people. That is why the audience is attracted to discounts, sales and promotions.


Many viewers love riddles and mysteries because these are the elements games and entertainment. This can be used to build the plot of the video to fuel the audience's interest.

The deficit

Restrictions on the number of products or the time during which the offer is valid are also often used in video marketing. Part of this trigger has to do with personality and greed. It is usually used for inexpensive goods and services that can be purchased in a matter of seconds.


This trigger affects the breeding instinct, so it works effectively. As with fear, you need to act as carefully as possible so as not to cause rejection. And, of course, you should not use sexual images if it goes against the established image of the company.

However, this trigger is not necessarily associated with something vulgar. Even shots with attractive women and men will already influence the audience's subconscious.


Laziness – a normal and natural human quality. Now, when there is no shortage of offers, viewers are not ready to take difficult steps to buy. Therefore, when using this trigger, you need to show that it is very easy to cooperate with you.

Another example of using this incentive is the turn – key strategy, when you take on all the nuances and complexities of the project. At the same time, a person does not need to do almost anything.

Additional triggers and ways to enhance them

Factors that increase or decrease the impact of triggers include the media person's participation in the video and the voice of the announcer. As media entities artists, actors, athletes, politicians, bloggers, and other people known to the target audience can perform. The participation of a public person in a video increases the likelihood that viewers will perform a targeted action. This is due to the fact that the audience trusts the choice of a media personality and partly strives to become like this one a person.

In order to get the maximum effect from the participation of famous people in the video, you need to choose people who are close to the target audience. They should be respected by your viewers.

Is also important and the announcer's voice. Its choice depends on the specifics of the product or service, and as well as the characteristics and preferences of the target audience. We recommend using the female voice to talk about products and services related to beauty and medicine, art, and parenting.

A male voice will be appropriate in cases where your company works in a technical area, such as law, repair and security. Children's voices and the voices of cartoon characters are most often used to advertise toy stores. The child's voice is also suitable for videos that rely on the sentimentality of parents or those who plan to become them. For example, pet stores can use this technique or companies that help pregnant women prepare for childbirth.

The text itself can also act as a trigger. The host or any participant in the video may consciously or unconsciously use specific words and figures of speech that evoke certain emotions in the audience. It has the same effect for the audience and voice-over, if it accompanies the video. Therefore, it is better to contact a copywriter for the text for the speaker, who will harmoniously include trigger words that are relevant to your audience.

Finally, text can act as a trigger when it comes to company slogans and advertising slogans. Companies usually display these phrases on the screen, but they can also be voiced by voice.

When determining the optimal number of triggers, it is important to take into account the duration of the video clip. The longer it is, the more incentives the audience needs in order not to lose interest in the video. But don't use all of them triggers at the same time. The best option is to create several videos with different incentives. Then you will understand how to influence your target audience.

It is also important to understand that not all triggers may be appropriate in a particular case. Even if you see that competitors are successfully using a specific product. reception, no need to blindly copy it. Triggers must match your offer and the company's image, otherwise they won't work.

This article is an excerpt from the book: SHOOT. PROMOTE it. INVOLVE them. Video marketing – legal doping for your business brand name

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